Tournament Hotels


All tournament housing is being handled THIS YEAR by HBC Tournament Events.  They have set up a dedicated web site to handle all housing need for PONY Nationals.  To make your reservations or to contact HBC please go to:
Loudoun County has contracted with HBC Events, a housing bureau to make it easy to find a hotel that meets your team’s needs in your team’s price range near our fields. This service is FREE to our teams. The tournament host benefits from you staying in our hotels which helps keep our entry fee as low as possible. HBC has over 25 years of experience is providing tournament housing. Loudoun County is very fortunate to have such a great service provider working for us. Hotels in Loudoun have agreed to give HBC the best prices on rooms during the tournament and you will not find a lower rate even on Expedia or Loudoun County has over 6300 hotel rooms all within 20 minutes of our fields. HBC will help you select the hotel that is just right for your team and will be there to assist you if there is a problem or concern.
Please be aware that there are hotels outside of Loudoun County who market to travel teams. These hotels may offer you a lower price and may tell you they are only 30 minutes or less from our fields. Please be aware that they truly might be 30 minutes away from our fields but you must leave for the fields at 3:00 am to make it in that 30 minute time frame. We are a suburb of Washington D.C. and while this brings many benefits to our community it also brings a lot of traffic. Our hotels are close to our fields and generally are in areas that have very light traffic most of the day. Please stay in Loudoun if you choose to play in Loudoun!  HBC should be contacted as soon as you decide to play in our tournament. Don’t wait as the best hotel fill up fast!
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