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 This event is not stay to play but please use our housing service as the tournament receives a small rebate for each room booked from the hotel.  Loudoun County Parks and Recreation uses this rebate to pay for non-game related expenses such as the required managers lunch, the umpire clinic, opening ceremonies, score keepers for bracket play and tournament balls.  I understand the entry is $950 dollars but all games have 2 or 3 umpires on the field.  We are required to pay for transportation and housing cost for over 50 umpires in hotels.  We also feed the umpires while they are working as a courtesy since most are from out of town. 
We only try to break even as we are a local recreation department but to do this we need the hotel rebates.  If the hotel you want to stay in is not in our block HBC will get them in the block for you.  Our average daily rate should be the lowest you can find for our tournament dates but if you find a cheaper price call HBC and we will get that price for you in our block.  Finally, if a hotel is our block I would put my daughter and wife in that hotel.  I can not say that for hotels outside of our block.  Please help up put on a great event by using HBC for your hotels.  You can find the hotel information at
Please be aware that there are hotels outside of Loudoun County who market to travel teams. These hotels may offer you a lower price and may tell you they are only 30 minutes or less from our fields. Please be aware that they truly might be 30 minutes away from our fields but you must leave for the fields at 3:00 am to make it in that 30 minute time-frame.  Loudoun County is a suburb of Washington D.C. and while this brings many benefits to our community it also brings a lot of traffic. Our hotels are close to our field and generally are in areas that have very light traffic most of the day. Please stay in Loudoun if you choose to play in Loudoun! 
You should go to the website below as soon as you decide to play in our tournament. Don’t wait as the best hotel fill up fast!

Link to Loudoun Hotels:

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